Move beyond spreadsheets 

Big Data Analytics Finance

Analysts may have access to financial Big Data but typically they lack the right tools to quickly prepare, blend, and analyze data. Traditional methods and spreadsheets aren't made to handle the volume and complexity of Big Data. Alteryx can help. We deliver self-service data analytics that help analysts throughout the entire analytics process.

Alteryx empowers financial data analyst through self-service data analytics to:

  • Quickly access, prep, and blend financial data from various sources/formats -- No coding
  • Incorporate advanced analytics to drive financial planning and process improvements
  • Improve consistency in regulatory and corporate analysis with a repeatable workflow 
  • Share insights directly into tools like Salesforce Wave, Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik

Alteryx understands the power that Big Data delivers to financial institutions. Download the free Alteryx trial today. 

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