Intuitive Workflow For Data Analysts

Big Data Analytics Software

Large volumes of structured and unstructured data can bring in real business value, if analyzed properly. Organizations are looking to use big data analytics software to help identify trends, drive improvements in customer engagement, and offer other valuable insights from this data. Alteryx offers data blending and advanced analytics that allows users of all skill levels, to take advantage of Big Data by delivering:

  • Fast access to all relevant data – Access, integration, and cleaning of sources of data as varied as Hadoop, Amazon, Cloudera and more.
  • Scalable processing and analysis – In-database blending and analytics for a wide range of data sources keeps data in a secure and scalable environment.
  • Intuitive workflow, no coding required – Drag and drop environment for data blending and analytics eliminates the need for complex scripting and coding.

Find out how big data analytics software from Alteryx, helps analysts take advantage of expanding data sources to gain deeper insights. Get our whitepaper on blending data in hadoop titled, “Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop” to learn more.

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