Turn Big Data Into Insights

Big Data Customer Analytics

Big Data can offer insights into strategic opportunities, but organizations have questions about the data: "Who should we target?", "Which products should we target them with?" and "How do we segment customers with the most potential?". Moreover, analysts face the challenge of properly and efficiently accessing and blending all customer data. As a leader in data blending and advanced analytics, Alteryx provides actionable insights and resources into the rapidly changing data landscape.

Alteryx's "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight" helps companies understand:

  • How to bridge the gap from collecting customer data to deriving meaningful insights
  • The value of strategic segmentation, including behavioral profiling, predictive modeling and life-stage targeting
  • How companies like Schneider Electric, Experian and Southern States Cooperative are improving marketing ROI with customer data

Learn how Alteryx can help you maximize your analytics. Download "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight" today.