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Big Data Management

Organizations today realize the tremendous potential for data; but many still struggle with turning that data into actionable intelligence that can be used quickly enough for it to make a difference. Big data management is restrictive and can limit the business’ ability to be agile in dataset development, ultimately affecting the decision making process.

Alteryx provides analysts with a workflow for data blending and advanced analytics allowing analysts to better manage big data throughout the analytic process with:

  • In-database data blending tools that allow analysts to deliver the dataset they need within Big Data environments like Impala, Spark, Amazon and more.
  • Easy to use predictive and spatial analytics that allow analysts to gain deeper insights.
  • Automated creation and execution of analytic workflows to deliver faster processes and results.

Learn how Alteryx gives analysts the capabilities to meet their organization’s analytic needs. Download our latest whitepaper “Faster Insights with Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data”.

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