Turn Big Data Insights into Growth

Big Data Strategies

Today, organizations face mountains of discordant data sources. However, when analysts try to tap into Big Data insights, they face the challenge of accessing, blending and analyzing all the disparate data. While Hadoop-based platforms offer the ability to store structured, tabular data (as well as unstructured and semi-structured data), the current process is typically difficult and inefficient to deliver the results the business needs. Finally, there's some good news for analysts - Alteryx makes it simple to join these varied data structures in a powerful and intuitive workflow.

Key Alteryx capabilities:

  • Cleanse, join and shape data from various sources -- (Big Data, social, structured, etc.)
  • Create ideal analytic datasets for specific business questions
  • Gain higher control and visibility through machine sensor readings, server logs and clickstreams

Alteryx realizes that opportunities (and challenges) Big Data insights bring. Learn how to strategically position your organization with Alteryx. Download "Code-Free Blending for Massive Datasets in Hadoop" today.

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