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Self Service Big Data Analytic Tools ForHadoop

Today, enterprises are searching for Big Data tools for Hadoop to make sense of all the increasing data. Analysts also face the challenge of getting the most of out of Hortonworks, Cloudera or Hadoop-based data hubs. Without the right Big Data tools, business insights and opportunities are missed. 

Alteryx makes blending and refining datasets in Hadoop easy via an intuitive workflow. Finally, analysts can harness the full potential of Big Data with Alteryx. 

Key Alteryx in-Hadoop blending enables analysts to: 

  • Create datasets without moving data
  • Use the power of the Hadoop platform to manipulate data
  • Combine data inside Hadoop with other sources of data

Turn your Big Data deluge into actionable insights. Download  “Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop”.

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