Accelerate Data Management and Processes

Business Data Management

Business data management can be a complex and time-consuming process for analysts who rely on data scientists and statistics Ph.Ds. to integrate data from multiple sources. Furthermore, leveraging multiple tools to combine the relevant data only increases the complexity as disparate platforms don't always work well together.

Understanding the obstacles faced by analysts, Alteryx delivers a solution to make business data management simple, fast and cost-effective. Now, with Alteryx, analysts can simply blend data from different sources -- without the help from IT or other data specialist teams.

Alteryx allows analysts to:

  • Manage, transform, and integrate data from a wide variety of data sources and formats
  • Enrich data analysis through predictive and spatial analytic tools
  • Build analytics workflows to help drive business results and processes

Looking for more insights on how Alteryx can help simplify data management? Download the Harvard Business Review report "Data Blending: A Powerful Method for Faster, Easier Decisions".

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