Handle Big Data the Smart Way

Business Intelligence

With the growth in the amount of data being collected by today’s business, it is important for them to transform this data into useful information. Business intelligence allows organizations to make the most of this data to help improve business processes, operation and drive strategic goals. Utilizing Alteryx, analysts are able to take charge of this data through self-service business intelligence and analytics to gain the timely insights needed in the decision making process.

Alteryx delivers data blending and advanced analytics in a simple drag and drop workflow that allows analysts to:

  • Blend, prepare, and transform internal, 3rd party, and cloud data
  • Use simple tools for spatial and predictive analytics
  • Automate analytic results into reports, analytic apps, or visualization tools

Learn more about how data blending in Alteryx can simplify the business intelligence process by downloading the Definitive Guide to Data Blending.

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