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Business Intelligence Analytics

As the operational shift of traditional business intelligence starts to take form, analysts in the line of business are looking for agile and flexible tools that can go beyond just reporting and dashboards. They are looking at a true business intelligence analytics platform that can help them move past basic reporting and start to incorporate more advanced analytics.

Alteryx supports this shift by providing business intelligence analytics tools designed to minimize the effort required to perform data analysis, and to simplify the process of accessing and blending data from different sources. Using Alteryx, business analysts can:

  • Directly access and blending data from multiple systems and sources
  • Quickly clean, transform, and join data of any shape or format
  • Easily perform predictive and spatial analytics with no coding

All of this is down in a simple workflow environment that can be automated for repeatable tasks and processes. Experience the power of Alteryx today, by downloading a fully functioning 14-day free trial!