Make Faster Decisions with Your Data

Business Intelligence Platform

Traditional business intelligence platforms have been an IT owned and led process involving large scale systems of record for reporting and operations. In today's fast pace data driven environment, this process doesn’t work, as new business analysts want faster access to more data that sit inside and outside the realm of IT. In addition, they want ability to explore the data on an ad-hoc basis and even more flexibility to analyze that data. This has led to a shift in how organizations think about their business intelligence platform environment. Organizations are looking to Alteryx to ease the transition from traditional business intelligence with an integrated platform that empowers analysts with:

  • Governed access to data from multiple sources, regardless of its data format or structure
  • Faster transformation, preparation, and blending of data in a workflow environment
  • Simple to use tools for spatial and predictive analytics with no coding

All this is done with an easy to use workflow environment that can then be automated to generate reports, enable other processes or even integrate with visualization tools. Try for yourself by downloading a free trial today.