Drive Faster Business Insights

Business Intelligence Tool 

With the right Business Intelligence (BI) tool you can uncover strategic insights to better position your organization. However, analysts face a growing number of data sources and structures -- all of this needs to be accessed, prepped and blended. Traditional approaches are time-consuming, unable to handle the disparate data sources/formats and error-prone. 

Alteryx Business Intelligence tool empowers analysts with an intuitive, self-service, workflow to deliver faster insights. Our self-service advanced analytics platform involves no coding or reliance on IT for help. 

Key Alteryx Business Intelligence tool capabilities include: 

  • Clean, blend, and analyze all data from any source
  • Easily scale and deploy analytics for your organizational requirements
  • Create repeatable workflows that is up to 100X faster than traditional approaches

Alteryx understands the BI needs of analysts today. Read the Guide to Analytics to learn more.

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