Trends to Handle the Complexities of Big Data

Business Intelligence Trends

The days of IT led and driven business intelligence are coming to an end. In today's fast paced, data driven business, it is the business itself that is driving the change. This change is empowering business analysts to take full advantage of all of the relevant data they need to make better business decisions. Alteryx is leading the charge in the business analysts driven request for self-service business intelligence through data blending and advanced analytics. The Alteryx platform ensures that analysts in the line of business are able to:

  • Access and blend a wide range of disparate data sources, regardless of format or structure
  • Reduce the time to preparation, transformation, and joining of data
  • Perform predictive and spatial analytics with no coding or outside intervention

To learn more about how Alteryx and data blending are changing the process of business intelligence, download "A Harvard Business Review Analytics Service Report".

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