Streamline Clinical Data Management Process

Clinical Data Management

The technology advancements in the healthcare industry has brought in a flood of patient information and increasing expectations to analyze clinical data from a centralized location. Alteryx allows analysts in healthcare organizations to overcome challenges related to the quality of the data, integrating different data types and formats, and centralizing all data management activities.

Alteryx delivering a single intuitive workflow for analysts to:

  • Enable self-service data blending of multiple sources of data
  • Perform advanced analytics using an easy to use environment, with no coding
  • Customize output in Excel, PDF, Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft Power BI

Research shows us that 86% of Alteryx new users benefit immensely in their first week after installation. Learn the benefits of moving from traditional data management of clinical data.

Download the "HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ANALYTIC SERVICES REPORT" and learn how data blending is benefiting organizations.