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Cloud Business Intelligence

As more and more organizations look to the cloud for storing data, it is also becoming more prevalent for these organizations to look at cloud business intelligence platforms. With so many new cloud based sources of data like Salesforce, Amazon, and many others, organizations want to try and keep the data as well as the processing within the cloud environment. Alteryx is a flexible platform for organizations to take advantage of cloud based data and processes as well as deliver business intelligence in the cloud.

By building analytic workflows in Alteryx, analysts in the line of business can:

  • Connect to cloud based sources like Amazon, Salesforce, Marketo and more
  • Blend cloud based data with local data to deliver the most robust data-set for analysis
  • Easy build and share analytic applications in the cloud to solve specific business problems

To learn more about Alteryx and its cloud capabilities download the whitepaper "Faster Insights with Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data”.

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