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Cloud Data Integration

Organizations are taking advantage of cloud-based data and storage more than ever before. Incorporating this new source of data into the business is critical to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver valuable insights. In order to do this, organization will need to rely on technology that is flexible and agile for the business to deliver both data integration and analytics.

Alteryx speeds up the process of cloud data integration by giving analysts the ability to:

  • Connect to a wide range of cloud based data sources like Amazon, Salesforce, and more.
  • Blend multiple sources of data inside and outside of the cloud in a workflow environment.
  • Incorporate advanced analytics to create the most complete dataset to drive insights.

Alteryx lets analysts move the process of data blending and advanced analytics to the cloud with an intuitive drag and drop workflow environment. Download the whitepaper “Self-service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data” to learn more.

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