Cloud Data Management made Simple, Fast, & Intuitive

Cloud Data Management

With loads of semi-structured and unstructured data flowing through businesses, cloud data management is more challenging than ever. To effectively deliver both data integration and analytics, organizations need an analytical tool that is both flexible and agile. Alteryx provides an indispensable and easy-to-use analytics platform for enterprises making critical decisions that drive business strategy and growth.

Alteryx makes cloud data management simple, fast, intuitive, and cost-effective. Eliminating the inefficiencies inherent in data blending with a single, intuitive workflow, Alteryx helps you access, prepare, cleanse, blend, and enrich your data up to 100X faster.

Why choose Alteryx for managing your Cloud Data?

  • Easily connect to cloud based data sources like Amazon, Salesforce, etc.
  • Blend various data sources both outside and inside the cloud
  • Drive insights by implementing advanced analytics such as predictive and spatial

Alteryx takes an end-to-end approach that combines a highly visual environment with secure one-click deployment of analytic applications to the cloud. Download “Self-service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data” to learn more about effective Cloud data management.

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