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CRM Advanced Analytics

Predicting the likelihood of future customer interactions and behaviors can be critical to any business. This is especially true for analysts in the line of business, where traditionally they need to rely on data scientist to help get the answers and customer information they need to make better decisions. Alteryx puts the power of CRM advanced analytics into the hands of analysts without having to know programming or complex scripts, yet is flexible enough for data scientist to implement their own customer R scripts.

Implementing the Alteryx self-service data analytics platform allows analysts to:

  • Quickly prepare and blend data through a repeatable workflow.
  • Easily deliver complex customer analytics through 60+ advanced analytics tools
  • Directly leverage pre-built customer models from Alteryx, SAS, R, or SPSS
  • Instantly output to reports, analytic apps or tools like Qlik, Tableau, Salesforce Wave and Power BI

Performing CRM advanced analytics shouldn't have to be a challenge.  Download the free Alteryx trial today and see how it can help.

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