Innovative, Self-Service CRM Analytics Tools

CRM Analytics Tools

Traditional CRM analytic tools often require analysts to rely on manual processes for data collection, data cleansing, and data blending. All of this is extremely inefficient and time-consuming; in fact, many analysts spend up to 95% of their time preparing the data for analytics and as little as 5% of  time actually performing analytics. Meanwhile, marketing insights on customers can go undiscovered and negatively impact customer retention -- and revenue. 

Alteryx understands the CRM analytic needs of the modern analyst. Our self-service analytics platform helps analysts identify new opportunities with faster, deeper data insights. 

Key Alteryx capabilities include:

  • Access, blend, and prepare all required data- regardless of system or structure
  • Develop and score the predictive model that would drive the analysis
  • Set up new queries and new analyses quickly and show results in real time

Alteryx puts innovative CRM analytic tools directly in the hands of analysts to gain faster customer insights. Download the free "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insights" today. 

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