Combing Self-Service CRM and Advanced Analytics

CRM and Analytics 

Looking to combine CRM and analytics -- but without all the reliance on IT, coding and time? Alteryx can help. We deliver an intuitive and innovative way for you to tap into your CRM data for faster insights.  Alteryx empowers analysts with self-service CRM and analytics to access and blend all relevant customer data. Finally, analysts have more control, visibility and independence with Alteryx. 

Alteryx key analytics capabilities include the ability to: 

  • Access, prep, blend and analyze CRM data with other sources of data in minutes
  • Enhance  your analysis with 60+ drag-and-drop tools for advanced analytics
  • Use a repeatable workflow to improve consistency in reporting and analysis
  • Share results through reports, analytic apps or in tools like Tableau, Salesforce Wave, Power BI

Alteryx can help you discover deep CRM insights by yourself. Try Alteryx with your own data by downloading the free Alteryx trial. 

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