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Customer Analytics Software

Customer analytics software is key to understanding customer behavior. However, analysts face the challenge of trying to unlock customer behavior with legacy (outdated) solutions that can't handle their current customer analytics needs. Taking advantage of new formats and sources of data can help unlock hidden insights into customer behavior. Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics that helps organizations to get the most from their customer data from any source. Utilizing a workflow environment, Alteryx lets analysts access, prepare, blend and analyze your data -- without coding or IT intervention.

Key Alteryx capabilities for Customer Analytics

  • Target prospects with similar qualities with hyper-local messaging
  • Anticipate customer behavior to drive repeatable business
  • Drive marketing campaign effectiveness, customer retention, and operational efficiency
  • Easily integrate demographic, segmentation, firmographic, and geo-spatial data

Alteryx provides customer analytics software for industry-leading companies like Ford Motor Company and Time Warner Cable Media. Try Alteryx's fully operational trial for free.