Turning Customer Data Into Insights

Customer Data Mining

Enterprises realize customer data mining can reveal strategic insights into the business. However, analysts face the challenge of accessing, cleansing and sifting through massive amounts of customer data for proper data mining results. Legacy tools are limited, costly and time-consuming. Meanwhile, most analysts spend way too much time preparing customer data rather than analyzing it. Fortunately, Alteryx allows analysts to blend, cleanse, and analyze various types of data for faster insights -- with no coding required.

Key Alteryx capabilities:

  • Access, clean and blend all relevant data from any system or format
  • Create analytical models in an easy, drag-and-drop environment
  • Enrich data with spatial, firmographic, consumer demographic and segmentation
  • Deliver data in a flexbile environment for modeling in R, Alteryx, SPSS and SAS

Alteryx helps organizations from all industries tap into deep customer data insights. Learn more and download "Converting Customer Data Into Marketable Insight" today.

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