Delivering Consistent Customer Data

Customer Data Quality

Customer are at heart of almost any business and making sure you are targeting the right customers in the right manner is critical to the success of any business. That is way it is important to focus your efforts on improving customer data quality. Flooding the same customers with the same offers or mailings make affect your relationship with that customer. Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics to allow business analysts to make the most of customer data. With a single workflow environment, Alteryx lets you access, clean, blend and analyze data -- without IT help or coding.

With Alteryx analysts can improve customer data quality by:

  • Faster access to data for preparation, cleaning and blending from any source with drag-and-drop tools
  • Easy data enrichment, fuzzy matching, and address hygiene, functionality to improve data accuracy
  • Transparent repeatable workflows to understand each step in the data analytics process

Learn how Alteryx helps enterprises with data enrichment and data quality. Read "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight" today.

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