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Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau with AlteryxPopular gaming company CherryCasino faced the challenge of properly analyzing data to get better customer insights. The organization struggled with determining which media advertising brought better responses. Also, CherryCasino didn't have an ideal way to understand their customer lifecycle. CherryCasino teamed up with Alteryx for advanced analytics and sophisticated data analysis online technology.

Key results with Alteryx capabilities include:

  • Deeper Insights — With Alteryx, CherryCasino can analyze two years' worth of television advertising data and combine this with customer acquisition data for a better understanding of marketing and acquisition channels.
  • Reduce Data Prep Time — The organization reduced data preparation time by 80 percent after teaming up with Alteryx.
  • Intuitive Workflow — CherryCasino was able to access, cleanse, blend and analyze data from Alteryx's single, powerful workflow.

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