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Data Analysis Programs

Data analysis lets organizations deliver insights into their data to help make better decisions. It incorporates the process of accessing, cleaning, reshaping, integrating and analyzing data through a range of techniques and many times multiple tools or resources. Data analysis has become a challenge for analysts in the line of business due to the rise of data structures and sources. Often times they are reliant on IT or data specialist to deliver the data and analysis they need to deliver the insights they need. Choosing the right data analysis program that can fit the needs of the business regardless of the size of the organization can be critical to success. Alteryx provides a platform for self-service data analytics, which allows analysts to take control of the analytics process in a single workflow environment which results in faster, more accurate insights.

Alteryx self-service data analytics lets analysts:

  • Easily access, clean, integrate and perform advanced analysis on all relevant data
  • Quickly deploy and scale analytics to meet the needs or your organization
  • Create repeatable workflows to improve consistency in analysis and outcomes

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