Data Analysis Tool In Excel

Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau with AlteryxWhile Microsoft Excel® is an industry standard for analysts, Excel has its limitations. Many analysts attempt to use data analysis tools in Excel for complex data manipulation and analysis. However, manual data blending with Excel is laborious and error-prone, while it is limited in its ability to perform advanced analytics. Thus, leaving analysts left search for a better solution that combines the ease of use of Excel with the power and scalability to meet their data and analytical requirements. Alteryx empowers analysts with a platform for self-service data analytics which eliminates the challenges they face when trying to use Excel for data preparation, blending and analysis.

Self-service data analytics from Alteryx lets analysts:

  • Access, cleanse, prep, and blend ALL data types — no coding needed
  • Deliver complex analysis through predictive and spatial analysis tools
  • Improve data and reporting accuracy through a repeatable workflow

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