Self-service Data Analytics With R and predictive Language

Data Analytics With R

While some market predictive analytical tools are improving, many are still too complex, time-consuming, and expensive to use. As a leader in innovative and advanced self-service analytics, Alteryx brings data analytics with R into the hands of all analysts. 

Alteryx Analytics, with a tight integration of the open source R statistics and predictive language, bridges the past and the future worlds of data with sophisticated but easy-to-use predictive analytics.

Key Alteryx capabilities for Predictive Analytics:

  • Pre-built predictive tools using R for simple integration into analytic applications
  • Single, intuitive workflow for preparing datasets removes the traditional wasted time integrating data before doing analysis
  • One-click sharing of analytic applications -- Get accessible predictive analytics into the hands of decision makers fast and with ease

Alteryx understands the challenges analysts face with predictive analytics and has simplified the process of tapping into future data insights. Begin your free Alteryx trial today!

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