Faster Data Blending For Tableau

Data Blending For Tableau

Tableau offers analysts the ability to gain deeper insights by visualizing data, but the increasing volume and velocity of data available today creates challenges. Alteryx offers analysts a way to quickly blend and prepare all their data for Tableau in a re-useable data blending workflow.  

Download the  “6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau” for valuable and actionable insights on faster data blending for Tableau. Learn how to:

1. Get data from all the data sources needed for your analysis

2. Quickly cleanse your data to remove outliers, duplicate data, and other data noise

3. Optimize the data for visualization by moving rows to columns and renaming fields

4. Join the specific data required from all your different types of sources

5. Transform your data so that it is ready for analysis without manual formulas 

6. Output your results by launching them directly in Tableau 

As an industry leader in data blending, Alteryx is uniquely positioned to share insights on the evolving landscape. Download "6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau" today.

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