Drive Faster Business Decisions

Data Integration

Analysts are constantly dealing with new forms and sources of data that are growing in size and diversity. Moreover, the dependency on IT to integrate data from multiple sources, affects the speed and accuracy with which analysts can gain deeper business insights.

Alteryx offers an intuitive drag and drop visual workflow environment to blend and analyze data without the coding or manual processes required of traditional data integration approaches. Using Alteryx, analysts can ease the reliance on IT for data integration by:

  • Accessing, integrating, and transforming multiple sources of data
  • Incorporating advanced analytics like predictive and spatial for deeper insights
  • Delivering automated workflows for data preparation and integration to drive operational process.

Alteryx helps analysts in over 1000 organizations eliminate data integration struggles by delivering self-service data blending and advanced analytics to drive faster business decisions in hours, not weeks. To learn more, read our Definitive Guide to Data Blending or contact us today.

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