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Data Integration Challenges

Data integration is the process of bringing together data from multiple sources into a unified data warehouse. This model fit the initial needs of organizations seeking a single version of the truth, but today these information silos don't always match the needs of business analysts who need to perform ad-hoc analysis from multiple sources of data to solve a specific business problem.

The biggest challenges business analysts face with data integration are:

  • Relying on IT or data scientists to prepare the dataset they need
  • Incorporating all relevant data from desktop, cloud, database, and 3rd party sources
  • Quickly and easily performing ad-hoc analysis to drive business decisions

Alteryx helps business analysts overcome data integration challenges through an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics. Analysts seamlessly blend data from different sources - internal, third party, and cloud-based data - and perform spatial and predictive analytics that helps drive deeper business insights in hours, not the weeks of traditional approaches. Read Harvard Business Review's whitepaper on how data blending is impacting business decisions.

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