Powerful Data Blending for Impactful Insights

Data Mining

Analysts need data to reveal customer motivation and behavior for actionable insights. However, as data grows and evolves, organizations are challenged in sifting through the clutter of data to discover these insights. Data mining enables organizations to make sense of data by discovering patterns or trends in that data to make more informed decisions. Alteryx helps organizations use data mining to sift through the clutters of data by empowering analysts to:

  • Drastically reduce time to insight through an array of data preparation and blending tools
  • Leverage techniques like regression, classification, association, clustering, and more
  • Deliver models in a consumable environment throughout the enterprise
  • Leverage models built in Alteryx, R, SPSS or SAS

Alteryx delivers the complete range of data mining tasks through a powerful, but simplified workflow. Start your free trial today.