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Data Mining and Marketing

Today, it's all about the data -- and as a marketer, you know the key to improving marketing performance lies within your data mining. But data is also everywhere today: in flux, from different sources, and in different formats. Data preparation is laborious and time-consuming. Alteryx enables you to quickly access, blend and cleanse relevant marketing, sales and customer data without any coding. Once your data is ready, you can then build and refine models in an easy to use environment that doesn't require any coding.

Key Alteryx capabilities for data mining and marketing:

  • Access relevant marketing data including pre-packaged third party data
  • Cleanse, prepare and analyze various data types and sources
  • Utilize techniques like classification, association, regression, and more
  • Deploy marketing models within you organization in a consumable environment

Alteryx can help you get the most of of your data mining for marketing insights. Read "Converting Customer Data into Marketable Insights" today.

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