Empowering Analysts to Uncover Deeper Insights

Data Mining Business Intelligence

Traditionally, data mining business intelligence is meant for statisticians, data scientist or someone with an advanced degree. Analysts often lack the specified skill sets needed to achieve the business insight from data mining, which results in a time-consuming and many time costly process of relying on these experts. Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics that puts the power of data mining into their hands through a drag-and-drop set of tools that supports them throughout the entire data mining process.

Alteryx provides data mining capabilities that lets analysts:

  • Reduce time to insights through faster data preparation and blending without having to code
  • Utilize easy to use data mining techniques like clustering, decision trees, neural networks, and more
  • Build data to leverage models in other programs like R, SPSS, SAS or even Alteryx

Alteryx gives analysts the tools they need to uncover deeper business insights from data mining.Try your free trial today.