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Data Mining Tool

As data continues to grow and evolve, the biggest challenge for organizations is making sense of the vast amounts of data to discover insights. Data mining helps analysts better understand their data by discovering patterns or trends to make more informed decisions. However, most time-consuming part of data mining is data preparation- so finding the right data mining tool to help reduce this time consuming process can be critical to an organizations success. Alteryx delivers the data mining tools analysts need to make faster more informed decisions through self-service data analysis.

Key Alteryx data mining capabilities:

  • Data preparation and blending tools to reduce time to insight
  • Techniques like clustering, regression, classification, association, and more
  • Deliver models in a highly consumable environment
  • Flexible delivery of models built in R, Alteryx, SPSS or SAS

Data mining doesn't have to be so complex and challenging. Find out how Alteryx can help your organization. Download the free Alteryx trial.