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Data Mining Uses

Data mining can find insightful patterns in your data. The key ingredient for data mining starts with creating the right dataset. This can be a time consuming process, especially when you are working with multiple sources of data that are in different formats. Overcoming this challenge though, can allow organizations to take advantage of the wide range of uses that data mining can impact such as, prospecting, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, sales forecasting and more. Finding the right tool to deliver the wide range of benefits that data mining can impact can be tough. Fortunately, Alteryx helps businesses throughout the entire data mining process with easy to use tools that don't require coding or a data specialist.

Alteryx's self-service data analytics platform delivers the data mining capabilities organizations need to:

  • Simplify data access, cleaning, and joining of disparate data sources
  • Reduce data preparation time allowing analysts more time for building models
  • Utilize data mining techniques such as association analysis, clustering, regression and more
  • Leverage data for models which are built in Alteryx, R, SPSS or even SAS

Alteryx can help you harness the full power of data mining. Try the free Alteryx trial today.