Powerful, Faster & Easier Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Simply defined, data preparation is collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data into a form ready for analysis. However, data preparation can consume 60-80% of analysts' time. This can be particularly true as today's analysts struggle with various data types and sources required to make the most informed decisions. On top of that, the lack of business built tools capable of dealing with today's data influx, means having to rely on data scientists or specialists to get the data they need. Fortunately, Alteryx helps analysts overcome data preparation obstacles through a single, drag-and-drop workflow.

Key Alteryx capabilities:

  • Access, prepare and integrate data from multiple sources -- with no coding
  • Improve the quality and integrity of data with advanced data cleansing and manipulation tools like fuzzy matching, parsing and more
  • Deliver a repeatable workflow design to speed the time to insights on future projects

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