Gain Faster Insights, Reduce Preparation Time

Data Preparation for Data Mining

Data mining lets organizations discover patterns and trends in their data to make better decisions, but where analysts struggle is getting the data ready for analysis within the data mining cycle. According to research, data preparation for data mining can consume 60-80% of analysts time, and less time refining models and analysis. Alteryx allows analysts to flip this scenario by cutting the data preparation time up to 30%, giving analysts more time to test hypothesis and evaluate models. Alteryx does this through self-service data analysis that lets analysts:

  • Instantly access a wide range of data preparation and blending tools
  • Build repeatable workflows that reduce the time to analytic insight
  • Deliver data for model building in Alteryx, SPSS, SAS and R

Read the Alteryx white paper "The 7 Steps to Data Blending for Predictive Analytics" to see how Alteryx can help eliminate data preparation struggles.

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