Advanced Analytics with Data Quality

Data Quality Analysis

While analysts are under pressure to provide data insights quickly, they also struggle with data quality analysis. The increase of data volume, and new data sources only compound the challenges. Without data quality, analytics can suffer and affect business outcomes. The Alteryx self-service data analytics platform improves data quality through a wide range of tools and techniques to empower data analysts to access, cleanse and blend various types of data.

Key Alteryx capabilities for data quality analysis:

  • Packaged data from Experian, Census, Dun & Bradstreet, and TomTom
  • Powerful and easy to use data preparation and cleansing tools to get data into the right format
  • Tools for fuzzy matching and CASS certification to ensure your data is accurate
Alteryx can help with data quality, data blending and advanced analytics. Get more insights and read "Data Blending - A Powerful Guide to Faster, Easier Decisions" today.

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