Data Quality Assurance And Comprehension Of Data

Data Quality Assurance

Analysts are under pressure to meet the needs of decision makers while struggling with the massive amounts of data volume, the emergence of multiple new data sources, and valid concerns over data quality assurance. Before analysis can even take place, users need to be confident of the quality of their data, and also comprehend the details of that data. Alteryx gives analysts a multitude of data investigation and data quality tools to better understand and format data to improve analysis.

Key Alteryx capabilities for data quality assurance:

  • Access data from local desktop, the cloud, relational databases, or third-party systems
  • Prepare, clean, and transform data for analysis or downstream processes via drag-and-drop tools
  • Blend multiple data sources regardless of the formats or data structure

Data quality assurance doesn't need to be so difficult. Read the following report on Data Blending to learn how Alteryx can help your enterprise.

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