Advanced Analytics & Sophisticated Data Blending

Data Quality Framework

With the growth of Big Data, and new data sources and formats, having a data quality framework in place can be critical for organizations to deliver the most robust and accurate analysis possible. Analysts struggle with legacy analytics tools that can't properly cleanse and blend data from these varied sources, or spend too much time waiting on others to try and deliver the right data they need for analysis. Alteryx supports the needs of today's organizations by delivering an innovative analytics platform to ensure data is in ideal format and shape for accurate analysis.

Key Alteryx capabilities to support data quality:

  • Gain access to, and cleanse and prepare various data sources/formats
  • Improve data accuracy with tools for fuzzy matching, parsing and data enrichment
  • Deliver consistent outcomes through a repeatable workflow

It's time analysts have the power and visibility Alteryx provides. Read the report on Data Blending for more insights.

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