For Today's Varied Data Sources

Data Quality Management

Many organizations struggle with the demands of data quality management. Processing massive amounts of data, new data source types, and the pressure for faster data insights, while keeping consistency in the data are current and increasing challenges. Utilizing a drag-and-drop workflow from Alteryx, analysts can quickly and easily deliver the right data in the proper format, to get results faster than other approaches.

Key Alteryx capabilities:

  • Access to, clean, blend, and analyze various data sources and types
  • Ensure data quality through fuzzy matching, address hygiene, and data enrichment
  • Deliver consistent data through a repeatable workflow
  • Schedule data workflows by specific events, time of day, or on an ad-hoc basis

As data grows and evolves, Alteryx can help your organization manage the demands. Read the Harvard Business Review Report on Data Blending for more insights.

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