Get Your Data in the Right Format

Data Visualization Programs

Good visual analysis starts with using the right data. And getting the data in the right format is vital to the success of the visual analysis. Most analysts, however, spend too much time preparing data or relying on others to do it for them – and not enough time on visualizing the data to discover critical business insights. Alteryx empowers analysts make the most of data visualization programs by simplifying the data preparation process, leading to faster delivery and the most comprehensive dataset for visual analysis.

By combining the power of Alteryx with data visualization programs, analysts can:

  • Reduce the time to access, cleanse and integrate data from any source
  • Simplify cleansing, enrichment and transformation of data for analysis
  • Utilize advanced analytics to improve outcomes and enhance analysis

Download the white paper, "Accelerated Data Blending and Analytics For Microsoft Power BI With Alteryx" today.

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