Generate Analytical Results Faster

Data Visualization Software

Most data visualization efforts begin with getting access to the right data, then getting it in the right shape so the visual analysis can take place. This process often consumes approximately 60-70% of an analyst’s time, especially when working with multiple sources and formats of data. Alteryx helps analysts make the most of data visualization software by reducing the time spent on data preparation, leading to faster delivery and the most complete dataset needed for visual analysis. Alteryx does this with a single platform that provides data blending and advanced analytics, with no coding or IT intervention required.

By combining Alteryx with data visualization software, analysts can:

  • Reduce the time to integrate multiple sources of data in any format
  • Simplify cleansing, transformation, and enrichment of data for analysis
  • Incorporate advanced analytics to drive deeper insights

Start to build the right dataset you need for better, more in-depth analysis within your visualization software. Download the Visual Analytics Kit for Microsoft today.

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