Access, Cleanse, and Blend Relevant Data

Data Visualization Techniques

It's all about data today, but it's also everywhere. Analysts struggle with collecting data from disparate sources. Then comes the challenge of cleansing and blending the data. Traditional tools are failing. Alteryx empowers analysts with the right tools for data extraction, cleansing, blending and more.

Alteryx allows line of business users to seamlessly combine data from a wide range of sources, and analyze it using 60+ tools for spatial and predictive analytics and output to Microsoft Power BI.

Key Alteryx capabilities include:

  • Access, prepare, cleanse, and blend the right data -- no coding
  • Make the most of spatial or location data
  • Prepare data for predictive analytics; share insights quickly

Read "Accelerated Data Blending and Analytics for Microsoft Power BI with Alteryx".

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