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Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau with AlteryxAlteryx provides analysts the ability to move past traditional data warehouse extractions, transformations and loads (ETL) tools, by giving them the ability to access data regardless of size, format, or physical location. Alteryx's self-service data analytics and repeatable workflow can help you uncover insights hours, not weeks.

Key Alteryx self-service data analytics capabilities:

  • Access data from sources like Microsoft Excel, databases,, Marketo, Amazon Web Services, the cloud and more
  • Cleanse, prepare, and blend data without complex SQL coding or scripting
  • Utilize a repeatable workflow to automate process and improve consistency
  • Deliver datasets directly into Tableau, Qlik, Salesforce Wave and Microsoft Power BI

Alteryx brings innovative data warehouse ELT tools to the modern analyst. Explore your own data insights by downloading the free Alteryx trial today.

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