Innovative Enterprise Data Management Strategy

Enterprise Data Management Strategy

Analysts are supporting strategic enterprise decisions that requires managing growing amounts of data. Deploying the right enterprise data management strategy is vital to keep the organization moving and help analysts from drowning in data. Alteryx empowers analysts to access, blend, analyze, and share huge sets of data -- without moving the data from its database. With Alteryx, analysts can blend ALL types of data for faster insights.

Key Alteryx capabilities for data management:

  • Access data sources via the cloud, database, 3rd party, desktop and more
  • Replace SQL coding for large scale data blending processes within databases
  • Share repeatable workflows with decision makers so they can run queries and produce visualizations
  • Single, intuitive workflow requires no complex scripts, coding or IT help

Alteryx sponsored the following Harvard Business Review report on Data Blending. Download it today for more insights.

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