ETL Hadoop Without moving Data

ETL Hadoop

Performing extractions, transformations and loads (ETL) across Hadoop environments is resource-intensive, can affect the chain of custody, and is time-consuming. Alteryx tackles this problem by accessing data without moving it via easy in-Hadoop processing. We enable fast data blending wherever the data exists.

Key Alteryx capabilities that support Big Data ETL:

  • Access, cleanse, and transform data from sources like Amazon, Hortonworks, Cloudera, and more
  • Keep data in a scalable and secure environment – delivering in-database blending and analytics
  • Drag and drop workflow environment eliminates the need for scripting and coding.

Alteryx can help you uncover more benefits with Hadoop, but without the complex challenges. We've simplified Hadoop ETL for all analysts. Download the following report for more actionable insights.

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