Move Beyond Spreadsheets for Deriving Business Intelligence

Excel Business Intelligence

Analysts today are being called on to deal with more and bigger data analytics requirements than ever before. Data Analysts typically ‘raised on Excel’ for their quick, ad hoc analysis needs, may find that there is a point beyond which the limitations of Microsoft Excel outweigh its benefit. Microsoft Excel is great for analyzing numbers and reporting, but when analysts push its limits to prepare and join 3+ data sources, the potential for error soars.

Alteryx can help analysts augment some of the struggles of Excel like:

  • Joining multiple spreadsheets and tabs with ease
  • Transforming and preparing data without manual formulas
  • Improving data cleansing and data quality

Download our Cookbook- 7 Steps to Successful Data Blending for Excel and see a step-by-step recipe for using Alteryx to simplify and automate data preparation to improve your business intelligence needs.

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