Tools Make Fast Data Preparation A Reality

Fast Data Preparation

For many analysts today, more time is spent preparing data than analyzing it. With more formats and sources of data than ever before, this will continue to be the case. Analysts need tools to help deliver fast data preparation, which will result in faster insights. Thankfully, Alteryx makes fast data preparation a reality, with a platform for self-service data analytics that makes data preparation, blending and analysis easy. Utilizing a repeatable workflow, Alteryx allows analysts to build out a data preparation process through drag-and-drop tools that require no coding.

Alteryx delivers fast data preparation by allowing analysts to:

  • Connect to, prepare and blend data from various sources -- that require no coding
  • Improve data quality and integrity with tools like parsing, fuzzy matching, and more
  • Build a repeatable workflow design to improve time to insights on future projects

Alteryx brings faster data preparation so you can focus more on analysis. Try the free Alteryx trial today.