Improving Risk Models

Financial Data Mining

The Financial Services Industry has been changed forever. Recovering from the global financial crisis has not been easy — capital requirements have increased, regulatory oversight is stricter and customers are more savvy. To regain customer trust and ensure profitability along with balanced portfolio risk, the financial professionals are starting to rely on finacial data mining for deeper operational insight, and a better understanding of prospects and their customers. Alteryx provides data analysts and line-of-business users in financial services institutions to deliver deeper, faster insights into their customers, operations and overall portfolio so they can quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Alteryx delivers data mining capabilities organizations need to make better, faster decisions from their data.

  • Build one multi-dimensional view of the customer by connecting to, cleansing and joining all of your relevant data — structured and unstructured — regardless of the source or system
  • Calculate the risk and profitability potential of an asset, a customer, or a location by quickly creating analytical models in a drag-and-drop environment, without writing any code
  • Maintain regulatory transparency and accountability by creating analytical models and workflows that facilitate oversight by both internal and external auditors
  • Improve operational efficiency by capturing best practices and automating standard procedures through repeatable workflows

If you want to learn how to deliver the data mining capabilities your financial institution needs, then download Alteryx today.