Tap into Big Data without coding

Hadoop Analytics Tools

Hadoop analytics can position an organization to take advantage of large volume of structured and unstructured data. However, working with the complexity of Hadoop often requires specialists. Fortunately, Alteryx makes Hadoop accessible to users of all skill levels via an intuitive, powerful self-service data analytics platform. 

Key Alteryx capabilities include: 

  • Access to all relevant data – Integrate, cleanse, and transform data from sources like Hadoop, Amazon, Spark, Cloudera and more.
  • Scalable in-database processing and analysis – execute data commands in a secure environment.
  • A repeatable workflow environment to blend and process data inside and outside Hadoop, eliminates the need for complex formulas and scripting.

Alteryx realizes the need for accessible Hadoop analytics. Download our whitepaper “Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop."

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